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Buriram Isaan Property is based in Buriram City which is located in the North East of Thailand ( Isaan ) and covers the surrounding areas of Korat ( Nakhon Ratchasima ) Surin, Nang Rong, Prakhon Chai, Nong Ki, Lam Plai Mat and Satuk. 

Our Thai professional staff have over ten years experience in Thailand and our senior partner has a further 20 years experience in the UK as a Member of the National Association of Estate Agents.

Our advice is impartial with the sole aim of finding the property that suits each individuals requirements.


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Buriram Isaan Property

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The Premier and most Superb Boutique Hotel in the City

Muang Pizza & Resort Buriram

Description: This prestigious hotel has a reputation for its excellence. The resort is well renowned for its unique personal service, together with one of the best restaurants in the city.

The hotel is situated in a great location near the city centre just off the main highway 219 from Bangkok and the 218 highway to Buriram Airport; it is also within a few minutes from the Bus and Railway stationsDetails